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8:40 PM: It was wonderful staying at home today, although I'm still tired and coughing a lot. It feels like I might never get better. The girls got off to school okay this morning. Elisabeth rode her bike for a bit before catching the bus. Sophie wanted to ride her tricycle at the same time but complained that it was too cold, so she stayed inside until the bus came. Then when I tried to take her to school, she complained about not getting to ride her tricycle! I let her go ahead and ride since we weren't in a huge hurry. She pedaled just around the front of the car and decided she was done. Go figure.

Randall went to Fayetteville this morning for a meeting and he came home in time for us to have lunch together. He spent his early afternoon dealing with that same frustrating emergency room billing issue we've been having. The person he talked to with our insurance company this time seemed to have a plan for resolving it, but he's never allowed to talk to the same person twice, and it's not clear any of the people he has ever talked to have carried out their plans. We'll see. It's really frustrating to have this issue go on for nearly a year now.

I don't know if we're extra-tired or the girls were being extra-annoying, but dinner before dance class was extra-challenging tonight. I can't even tell you the number of times the girls would be bickering back and forth with each other, saying exactly the same things to each other over and over (except each time would be louder than the last). I told Randall I'm thinking that what I should give up for Lent is my habit of emitting a deep, exasperated sigh when one of the girls demands something. I don't think it makes any of us feel very good, and I wouldn't do that if someone at work asked me to do something annoying (well, I might do it jokingly). At any rate, they both did well in dance class, and Sophie went to bed early (although she may still be awake in there) and Elisabeth went to bed on time. She wants me to get her up a little early tomorrow (at 6:50, she said) so she'll have more time to ride her bike.


Hope you can soon get over this cough and cold, moms' can't be sick very long, can we?! Elizabeth sounds as if she is really enjoying riding her bike, that's great. But I probably would stick with Sophie this morning, it's too cold. Good cop out for me and exercise. Hope you all have a great week, see ya around. Love and prayers Deanna