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7:30 PM: The girls are playing with Sophie's doctor kit (Sophie just introduced herself to Elisabeth as "Nurse Amy"--our home health nurse). It's great to listen to them playing so nicely together. Even so, I'll be gald to have Randall home tonight now that his class is done for the evening. I went in to work today, but between a dentist appointment and a long-overdue hair appointment (I hadn't had it done since December!), I didn't get a lot of work done. That's the great thing about being hourly--I don't have to make it up, I just don't get paid as much. When I picked Sophie up today, she said she had a good day at school and didn't cry at all. I guess that means drop-off went well this morning. Randall's new laptop arrived today, and he's eager to get it set up. I don't know exactly how we're going to arrange things--we bought the "cheap" computer to use until the laptop arrived, but it's a pretty reasonable machine. Maybe Randall should just keep the laptop for himself and the cheapie will be our family machine. Mostly, I'm really hoping we can get our friend from church to show us how to hook up the old computer to the new one to see if we can keep any of our old files from parts of the hard drive that aren't corrupted. There's a lot of history on that machine.


Good luck with the computers. It's amazing to me how quickly we became dependent on these boxes. Just like you, I have so much information on my laptop that I'd really be up a creek if it went down. Guess I'd better learn from your lesson and get it backed up. Bob is graduating on March 24th, so he'll be leaving the nest soon. I'd better get him on this project before he gets a job and moves out.