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1:45 PM: Treatment went great today. We got there very early (just past 7:00) and were first in line for anesthesia. She was a little upset about going into "the room" but I covered up her head with her blanket, and she got over it pretty quickly. Once again, she was totally out of it when she came to and had me in stiches with everything she was saying and doing. We were actually completely done by 8:30, and her Carolina Pal Adrianne was there, so they played together for a while before we took off. Then we stopped by to see our friend T'yanna who is in the hospital. While Melissa (T'yanna's mom) and I visited, Sophie got to play with the student nurse who had spent time with her when Sophie was hospitalized. Adrienne seemed so surprised and pleased to see Sophie again, and they had a fantastic time together. T'yanna's doing a little better, and last night she was lucky enough to be moved into the big corner room we had when Sophie was admitted. I was so pleased they got that room. It's so much bigger, and it has that double sleeper, which will be nice for them because both parents have been staying with T'yanna at night. Melissa hadn't been home in a week, so I convinced her to come back with me (while T'yanna's dad stays with T'yanna), and I dropped her off at home and then met Randall for lunch. Sophie's napping now.

Sophie's counts are great, so she's at absolutely no risk for infection, but we did find out that she has a urinary tract infection. She was having pain and frequent urination this weekend (although it had gotten a lot better once we gave her plenty of fluids, so we thought perhaps she didn't really have infection). They're going to call in a prescription for augmentin and we'll pick it up tonight before dance class. She resumes all her chemo today, with some of it at half the regular dose. She'll have a blood test in two weeks, and if her counts are still high enough, they'll slowly increase the dose.


You guys must have gotten up before the chickens to get to the appointment so early. It sounds like it's been a good news day - that's terrific.
I love it that Sophie can hide her head under her blanket and that will calm her down.
Good luck with this next round of chemo.