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6:40 PM: It's been a great weekend. The girls were both home on Friday, and we've had this great epiphany lately that instead of trying to multitask and take care of things around the house and take care of the girls at the same time, we should rearrange our time to create some "protected" family time where we all hang out together and not try to do anything but enjoy each other. The weather has been beautiful, so we've started taking walks on the path near our house in the evenings. Elisabeth rides her bike, and Sophie rides her tricycle, and we walk behind them (sometimes we have to give Sophie a little push). We all enjoy the time together, and the girls are poope by the time we get home, so they go to sleep really easily at bedtime.

We had a really nice service at church on Friday--not lots of people, so it was very intimate. Randall and I sang a duet together (he sang the melody and I sang alto). We had never sung together before, and I really liked it (I think those who heard it did too!). The services this morning were nice, and Randall did an excellent job with the sermon--another narrative-style one (my favorite!). My heart just swells to see him up there sometimes. Some folks from church invited us over for lunch, and we had such a good time. It was hard to come home, but Randall had to prepare for confirmation class tonight (which is where he is now). The girls are outside playing with our sitter ("Royal Megan" as Sophie calls her--reversing her first and last names), and when Randall gets home, we'll go out for our weekly date night (and grocery shopping--how's that for romantic??).

Sophie did pretty well with her steroids this week. She took the last dose last night, so she's still tired, irrational, and hungry. It should wear off soon. Elisabeth will be home all week for her spring break--wish us luck! Sophie will go to day care this week, so at least we won't have to entertain two kids all the time!

I called T'yanna's mom, Melissa, tonight. They're still in the hospital, because her counts are still too low to come home. She's been off chemo for 2 weeks, but it just takes a while for her body to recover. Her ANC had been 0, but today it was 0.1, so maybe it will continue to rise. Dr. Gold said they might be able to come home in a few days. She's ready! She's able to walk pretty well with a walker, but she lost a lot of muscle tone from being completely bedridden for 3 weeks. Melissa sounded very positive and happy--please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


Happy Easter -
I hope you all had a great Easter Season and that Randall isn't too worn out.
The Easter bunnie didn't do such a good job at our house, hope he was in better form at yours. He thought that the 'children' at this house were past it - but even my neice Kim was dissapointed that the E-Bunnie didn't find her here.