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10:38 PM I'm sure by now many of you regulars are wondering what we have been up to! Well, in one sense, not much, but in another sense, quite a bit. We're all doing very well, which means that we have had no major medical issues in the last several days. Elisabeth has had spring break, so our routine has been upset a bit, but not in a bad way. I took Elisabeth to campus with me on Tuesday for our graduation and baccalaureate rehearsals. She was very excited and "grown-up" to go to Duke and sit with me the whole time. On Thursday, Elisabeth and Sophie spent the day with our friends Bob and Patti. Susan and I went up to the Triangle together--I for Closing Convocation (final worship service of the academic year) and she for work. We met for lunch (sushi!) and sat around for a while at Foster's (a local deli/home goods store) before my class. Susan then went to class with me (my very last class at Duke--how appropriate) and afterwards we went to the Senior Banquet. We got home late last night (the girls spent the night at Bob and Patti's). Today, I had promised to take Elisabeth to the beach and it didn't take much convincing to get Susan and Sophie to come along. We had a terrific time, although Susan got a bit sunburned and we all needed a shower/bath when we got home (I'll be taking mine shortly). We collected all kinds of sea glass and shark's teeth, which was pretty cool. All in all, it was the most pleasant beach trip we've ever had--the place was deserted, it wasn't too hot and there was plenty to keep us entertained. We only wished we could stay longer! Susan may have mentioned, but we are trying to be more deliberate and intentional about how we spend time together as a family. I'd like to think we're doing well with that--at the very least, we're enjoying ourselves!


It's terrific that you are working on 'playing' - family time. I love it that you are keeping 'date night' too. Both are important for all of you.
As you say, we just assumed that no news was good news.
Hope to see you in June.

Glad to hear that all is well. If too many days go by, I start to get concerned. However, I know that daily posting is difficult and can become a chore.

I'm all for being more intentional, too !