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9:09 PM Okay, okay. We've been away too long, I know. Somebody commented today that it had been a while since we posted (hi, Sylvia!), I have been guilted into posting. We're all doing well. I'm settling into post-seminary life, I think. I've done errands and visiting this week and made quite a dent in Sunday's sermon, and it's only Wednesday! This evening we went out to dinner with some friends from church to support the "Fair Share to Benefit Autism." It was a good time. On the way home, it just poured rain (which is a new experience for us, it's been so dry here).

Sophie is doing very, very well. She's got some kind of cough and upper respiratory thing going on, which is more of a nuisance than a worry, and there has been no sign of fever at all. Amy from Home Health will come tomorrow to do a blood draw and we'll find out then how Sophie's counts are doing. She's been on 1/2 dosage of the chemo this round, and if all goes well tomorrow, they'll bump it up a bit. She goes back to the clinic in two weeks for her monthly visit. Her hair continues to grow back, it's as thick as ever and even has some wavy/curly thing going on in the back--that's totally new since treatment. Of course, Sophie thought her hair would grow back green, so I'm pleased that it's grown back somewhat curly instead.

Elisabeth is trucking along with school. Between spring break last week and a field trip this week (and "Spring Fling" today), there's not been too much going on. Granted, Elisabeth's (and Sophie's) dance recital is next week (dress rehearsal is this Sunday), so we're all excited about that. Elisabeth is really into dance, you can tell when you watch her that she just enjoys it in such a natural way. Sophie likes it, but she's still young. I don't think it means as much to her as it does to Elisabeth.

Susan's had a busy week. She finished a two-day training today, and will go in tomorrow (making it four days in a row--I don't know how she manages). We're hoping to go to a concert on Friday to see my favorite Christian artist, Andrew Peterson, in Chapel Hill. If any locals are interested, he's going to be at Christ UMC in Chapel Hill at 7:30pm on Friday. I'm really looking forward to it.

Well, that's been our week thus far. We'll probably post tomorrow to give everyone an update on Sophie's counts. We got word earlier this week that our friend T'yanna is back at home, which I'm sure is a relief to her and everyone in her family. They had been at UNC Children's Hospital since Sophie had been admitted way back when. We continue to hold T'yanna and her whole family in our thoughts and prayers.