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9:36 PM Another busy day in Sophie's World. Sophie's rash/reaction on her face and arms seems to come and go. I thought it might be related to sun exposure (one of the antiobiotics she takes regularly can lead to sun reactions), so when I took Sophie to day care today, I insisted that she wear a hat and sunscreen. At first, she was kind of into the idea of wearing a hat--especially when I let her pick from several options. She finally decided on one and we were ready to go. Then, at the last minute, she traded the practical bonnet that shaded her face to the more fashionable white straw hat with a pink flowery band. And in spite of the more dashing choice, she began to have second thoughts.

"Are the kids going to think I'm a cowboy?"

"No," I said, "nobody is going to think you're a cowboy in a white straw hat with a pink, flowery band."

"But what if the kids laugh at me?"

"So, let them laugh. Are you happy with your hat?"

"Yes, I am."

"Well, then, don't worry about what other kids think about you."

By the time we got to Countryside, she was obviously quite nervous about the hat, so we took it off right away and put it up for only when she went outside. As it turned out, nobody thought she was a cowboy and nobody laughed (for which I am extremely grateful). Sophie even enjoyed wearing the hat, except for when it got windy and it got carried off and she needed to chase after it, but I think she probably enjoyed that as well because she was giggling about it when I picked her up this afternoon.

Sophie is definitely on steroids, so we get glimpses and glances of 'roid rage' every know and then. This morning it was because I gave each girl a package of fruit gummi chews (there were only two). Sophie wanted both of them. Boy, did I hear it from then on out. Nothing would satisfy her, nothing would make it better (except for another package of fruit chews, but I had already promised them to Elisabeth). We have two more days (or so) of this round of steroids, and, as always, we'll be happy when it's over! The good news is that we are about one year out from finishing therapy altogether, so we have about 12 more five-day rounds of steroids. Sounds like a lot, but at least it's a definite number.

A couple of updates on other major events. I found out today that the commissioning service (where I will be commissioned as a probationary elder in The United Methodist Church) has been moved. Originally, it was scheduled at 7:00pm, on Friday, June 2nd, but now it will be held at 11:00am on the same day. I know that some folks had expressed an interest in coming to Glorieta for the service, and I hope this won't affect that in any way. I'd really look forward to seeing you!

The Baccalaureate Service for Duke Divinity School is this Saturday, May 13th at 6:30pm. It will be broadcast live via the web, and you can get some more information at the Duke Chapel website http://www.chapel.duke.edu/calendar/viewevent.aspx?id=701.

Thanks for checking in!