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10:15 PM: It's been a good day at home together as a family. Sophie feels just fine, and taking care of the antibiotics is going well. When she came home, she was on a schedule of 11AM, 7PM, 3AM. We can move the time up or back a half hour, so we're backing her up to a schedule of 8AM, 4PM, 12AM, which seems to work better for us and will allow her to spend most of the day at Countryside. All of us took long naps today--maybe one of these days we'll catch up on all the sleep we've missed.

One thing we've been enjoying together since we've all been home is the DVD of the girls' recital. If you are interested in ordering a copy (they are $33 each), you can get them online: DVD version and VHS version. We ordered ours online and didn't have any problems. If you get one, Sophie is in Teddy Bear which is the last piece in the first half, and Elisabeth is in three pieces in the second half: Polar Express, Storms of Africa, and Shine.

Tomorrow is Sophie's birthday, and she's looking forward to opening her presents. What we're most excited about is the new booster seats we got for each car. We're installing them tonight and surprising her in the morning. Our plan for brthday party festivities is to have a little party at Countryside for the kids in her class sometime this week and then do the Chuck E. Cheese thing in Fayetteville on Saturday. That location isn't exactly my preference, but she's been very clear that it's what she wants. It beats last year, when her counts were so low we couldn't have a party at all and just had cake at home with the four of us.


I hope that Sophie will have a great birthday!! I can't eait to hear all about it.

Glad you are all home together again!! Hope the birthday girl had a great day of celebration. Have a great week as you are preparing for your trip. Hope you enjoy!! Love and prayers, Deanna

I'm a day late but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE!!! Hope you have fun at Chuck E. Cheese (that was always my favorite)!!!