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8:30 PM: Sophie and I had a good trip to the clinic today. We got Elisabeth sent off on the bus and headed on up to Chapel Hill. She was worried that they might give her a shot, but once I told her that I really thought they wouldn't do that (I didn't want to promise for sure, because you never know!), she seemed fine. She sang a made-up song and all kinds of things on the way there, and that kept her entertained for a long time. She said she would keep singing if I didn't laugh or smile or sing along, and eventually I wasn't even allowed to look at her in the rear-view mirror. Silly girl.

The docs aren't exactly sure what the spots on her face are, but for now we're treating it as an allergic reaction. Instead of benadryl (which they would normally presribe, but it makes her hysterical), they gave her a dose of atarax and sent us home with a prescription. I wasn't sure it was making a difference while we were there, but by later this afternoon, the spots looked much better. It makes her a little sleepy, but that's okay with me. The funny part was when the doctor said (talking about the antihistamine) that we would "give it a shot" and Sophie said, "I don't want a shot!" We were able to explain it to her, but I bet Dr. Fu will never use that expression around a child again!

She's also been coughing a lot, and the doctor heard some rattling in her left lung. They did a chest x-ray (which didn't show anything) but decided to prescribe a short course of zithromax, just in case she's working on an infection. I was also eager to see how things would go with the flush and cap change she was due for today. I was really hoping that it would do the same thing so I could see how they handled it. Of course, when they flushed the line it behaved perfectly, but that may have been due to the extra heparin I used on Wednesday. They suggested we always use that amount--she has gained some weight (35.8 pounds, 39.5 inches) and I guess that makes a difference.

We visited wtih T'yanna and Melissa while we were waiting to see how the atarax was affecting her. In fact, we visited so long, the clinic had to ask a nurse to tell us to come back (it's a good thing I told them where I was going). T'yanna looked great and seemed to feel well. She was asleep when we first arrived and it took her a while to wake up completely, but once she did, she was all smiles and sweetness. It was so good to see her doing so well. She didn't have a fever this morning, so there's a definite possibility she could come home tomorrow. It depends on her ANC.

Randall had a good trip home. He hit some traffic coming through the Triangle, but he was able to get home in time to meet us for dinner. We drove home from dinner through a terrible thunderstorm, and it's still raining a lot. Unfortunately, our church has a big yard sale planned for tomorrow. The chance of rain tomorrow is actually pretty low, but it's probably going to be too muddy to hold the sale. We'll see. We have a rain date scheduled for next weekend, but our family will be busy with graduation activities! We were really hoping to get rid of some of our baby stuff.

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I came upon your site quite by accident, searching for "alfredo sauce".

First, I am so very sorry about Sophie's health problems. It seems so unfair for one so young to have such serious health.

I am 76 years old and hzve been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. That makes it hard to breath, but at least the doctors know how to deal with it.

I am writing this note to thank you for posting your alfred sauce recipe, and to tell you of a method I have used to simplify measuring out
cappelini, my pasta of choice.
I put thumb and forefinger of left hand together to form a little circle. Using a gram scale (I am diabetic) I weigh the pasta to determine just how "big" that circle can be to measure 2 ounces of pasta, an amount for one serving (I am also a widower trying to learn how to cook). Once I've got that down, I can forget about the scale. That might not work for your family of four but it works just fine for myself.

Thanks again for sharing your recipe, and I hope Sophie will get stronger and healthier soon.

My regards,