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8:00 PM: What a weekend! The yard sale at church went well. We had a break in the rain that morning, and it wasn't too muddy. We didn't have as many people as we had hoped, but we cleared nearly $1000 for the church's building fund, and our family was able to get rid of quite a few things (but not everything). We felt like there was a lot more we could have taken, but quite a few people commented on how much stuff we brought (and sold). I'm a packrat--what can I say?

The church service went well on Sunday morning. Randall felt really good about his sermon, and one of our church members told him that if she were going to preach one sermon herself, that would have been it--he covered several things she thinks really need to be heard. He normally teaches the confirmation class on Sunday night, but we had the recital to go to, so he met with them during the Sunday School hour, and I covered his regular class. We're doing a study of several world religions (one per week, so it's not terribly in-depth, but it is interesting). This week's topic was Hinduism, which is way outside what I know, but we all learned together.

The recital went really well. The girls both did such a great job. Sophie was in one number (and she was right in the middle of the line of little girls, so we had a good view of her), and Elisabeth was in three dances (we also had a good view of her, because she was always on the same side we were sitting on). Sophie was as cute as a button (to which she generally responds, "buttons aren't cute!") and pretty much did everything she was supposed to do, except when she kept spinning around and everyone else had moved on to the next part of the dance. I hope you can't hear us both saying "Sophie stop spinning!" at the same time on the DVD (which we ordered today). Elisabeth was beautiful and graceful. She's really come a long way in the last three years of dancing. I enjoyed watching all the other kds too. Some girls in particular were in quite a few dances (they must take classes every night!) and put such energy and spark into their dancing--they were especially fun to watch). T'yanna wasn't able to make it to the recital--she's still in the hospital--but her little sister Madison was there. She's in the same class as Sophie.

It was a late night. We joined our friends Howard and Allison and their daughter Madi (not T'yanna's sister, but a different Madi, who just finished up treatment for ALL a few months ago). It was after 10:00 when we got home. I've been working a lot more than normal lately and stayed up until after 1:00 AM trying to get things ready for this morning. I plan to relax a little bit tonight (and promised Randall I wouldn't try to work whle he took the girls to dance class). When Sophie gets home tonight, we'll do her dressing change, and I'll flush her line. I'm really curious to see whether we have trouble with that. Sophie and I will get up very early to get her to Chapel Hill for her monthly treatment. She gets a spinal tap tomorrow, and I'm sure they'll check her rash and lungs. Both seem to be better, but not completely.


Glad to hear you had a successful yard sale, it's too much work not to be. Glad Sophie is doing good and she looks really cute with her hair growing so quickly. I'm sure Elisabeth is looking forward to summer vacation, no school. Our girls can hardly wait!! Have a great week! Love and prayers, Deanna

I hope the recital DVD came out well! I'm glad that all is going well and that the one year countdown has commenced. I turly hope that it will be a smooth journey. All our best,