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1:00 PM: I'm heading out to Chicago shortly for a work trip, and I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get everything together. I have a moment of calmness now (everything's done!) while I eat the lunch that's been sitting here for two hours. I feel terrible leaving Randall with the girls until Friday night, but I'm comforted that he's such a hands-on parent. I hear stories sometimes of wives who go out of town, and their husbands are completely helpless and clueless about managing the home and the children. That couldn't be further than the truth about Randall. He carries his weight (and more!), and the girls and I are so lucky to have him. I'm getting mushy, aren't I?

The girls are doing well. Elisabeth is doing a "field trip" camp this week. We (well, Randall, mostly) drive her to Fayetteville every morning, and she gets to go to museums and swimming and all kinds of fun things. Unfortunately, they didn't get a lot of people signed up, so there's only one other girl, but Elisabeth loves having a new special friend. Sophie had a mid-month blood test to check her counts on Monday. It turned out fine, but we haven't heard whether they plan to adjust her dosage up a little bit. We hope they don't go all the way up to 100%, because that always seems to result in low counts, infections, and sometimes hospitalizations. Sophie's rash is back, but she's already on two anithistamines and it doesn't bother her, so I guess we'll just live with it. All is well!