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8:45 PM There's not been a whole lot to report. Minor updates would include that Sophie's counts were fine (as Susan reported), and that her chemotherapy has been bumped oh-so-slightly from 80% to 85% or so. Instead of taking 4 1/2 tablets of methotrexate on Wednesdays, she's back up to 5 tablets (the full dose). Everything else remains the same, with the other major chemo drug (6MP/mercaptopurine/purinethol) at one tablet five days a week and 1/2 tablet the other two days. I'm exhausted by the changes in all these drugs, or maybe it's fatigue from monitoring these and various other medicines for the past year and a half. I hope that we keep things at this level for the time being. Sophie's been doing great this week--cute as usual and smart as a whip. The other day we were driving somewhere and I asked the girls to keep their giggling and carrying on to a dull roar (this has been a recurring problem in our family, particularly since we have to spend several minutes in the car to go anywhere around here), and Sophie piped up, "Okay, Daddy, we'll put a lid on it!" As Susan pointed out, it's always a little weird to hear your own words echoing from the mouth of your child.

Both girls have behaved very, very well while Susan has been gone. The structure of camp and daycare probably helps a lot. I've also tried to be extra patient with them, although it has worn thin at times. Elisabeth had a blast at her field trip camp, although it pretty much wiped her out. She fell asleep on the way home this evening and it appears as if she dozed off while chewing her snack! Sophie was very quiet while Elisabeth slept, which was very sweet.

Susan returns home tonight. I am really looking forward to having her home. Of course I'll be glad to no longer be a "single parent," but I'll be especially glad to have my best friend home, too! We spend so much time together and share so much in conversation, that it gets quite lonely when she's gone. I'm sure she feels the same way when I'm away.


hi i'm not sure how i came across this site but it has touched my heart. you have 2 absolutely beautiful little girls! i hope sophie is doing well and that elisabeth is looking after her. best wishes for the future!