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9:23 PM A blessed, relatively normal weekend in our family. Saturday was wonderful (Susan's word)--we did nothing in particular. I've tried to be better about preparing for worship ahead of time (sermon, order of worship, etc.) so that I have more time for Susan and the girls on Saturdays, and while I haven't been completely successful (I still prefer to run through the sermon once on Saturday evening), it's been nice to have most, if not all of the day on Saturday for family time.

This morning was a little challenging. Elisabeth has been fighting off some kind of stomach bug all week, and she's still working on that. Sophie woke up a total crab this morning, which is just not like her at all. She also felt a little warm and clammy. Susan quickly diagnosed it as low blood sugar (we had an early dinner on Saturday and Sophie mostly picked at it). We got Sophie some juice and some snacks, and eventually, she came around. Before she came around, she threw up some of what she had already consumed this morning, so that was a little unpleasant. But, she did perk back up. It's been a long time since Sophie's had problems with that, but I'm glad that Susan was quick-thinking enough to realize what the problem was.

After worship, we all went out to lunch, and then it was Elisabeth's turn to get sick. In fact, she's been throwing up a fair amount lately (typically when we're out in public, most often at restaurants). We're not sure what that is about, but we've decided to encourage bland foods for a while and we'll be watching what she eats a little more closely. It may be the stomach bug thing, but other than the occasional upset (and other tell-tale sign of a stomach bug, if you know what I mean), she's been feeling fine.

Tonight, Susan and I were able to go on our date night. In fact, since we had gone grocery shopping together as a family after lunch today, there was nothing to "do" other than spend time together and go out to eat. The girls were excited to have Megan Royal come and sit with them, and Susan and I were happy to be back in our routine of Sunday night dates.


Hi...I'm a missionary/college student and I remember accidentally running across this webpage last year..Seeing the picture of your daughter and reading about her illness made me read even more! I just wanted to let you know that I have been praying for your family the past year. I know I don't know any of you, but we're all God's children, right? I haven't seen any new pictures, is everything better now? Please take care..May God smile down on your family

Normal is great to hear about! I'm so glad to read that Sophie and Elisabeth (and both of you) continue to be doing well. It's lovely to read such good news!

Hugs to all!