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7/18/06 PM

9:05 PM Just a quick update on how things are this evening. Sophie ran another fever this morning, so Susan took her back up to Chapel Hill after lunch. This trip was to the clinic, rather than the ER, and they administered additional antibiotics to Sophie and drew another sample of blood for counts and culture. Sophie's ANC (the indicator of how her immune system is holding up) was even higher today than late last night, which is a good sign: her body is fighting off this infection in its own way. I just wish she felt better. She's been pretty lethargic and sad-looking all day. Of course, a lack of sleep will do that too! Susan slept a good part of the morning (I tended to Sophie, who was pretty sure she did not want to stay in bed all day), and even then I'm sure she didn't get enough sleep. Elisabeth is concerned, of course, and just a little envious of all the attention. Elisabeth was so exhausted from swim camp today that she slept a good portion of the evening--we'll see if she's asleep by 10:00!


Wow, all of you have gone through a lot in the last few days! I'm glad Sophie's ANCs are looking good, but I'm sure that this experience must be so scary. Thinking of all of you, and hoping for a speedy recovery.

It was so nice to get to meet Susan in person at the meeting in St. Charles! I have been busy since my return - started my new job, and so far so good.

Best wishes,

What good news that Sophie's immune system is fighting the infection!


Greetings from NM. Sorry to hear that Sophie and Elisabeth are under the weather. Happy to hear Sophie's counts are getting better. She is a strong little girl. Get lots of sleep!
Lots of love,