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11:00 PM: It's been a good day. Sophie started out having a rough morning (kind of crabby, just not quite herself), but after she took all her medicine and got some orange juice in her system, she said she was feeling a lot better. And for the rest of the day, she was in a great mood. She's feeling very independent, so in addition to taking all her medicine (and she had a lot today), she is very proud that she can take her own temperature with the digital (ear) thermometer. She opens it up, hits the button to turn it on, waits until it says "ready," takes her temperature (shows it to us), and then does the other ear, again waiting until it says "ready." All morning today, she was running a slight temperature, but it never got higher than 100.4 (we are supposed to call if it gets to 100.5). We went out to lunch, and she got pretty heated up when we got back into the hot car on the way home. Her cheeks were really red, and her temperature was 101.6, but she cooled off fairly quickly once we got home. We all took a nap (although I don't think Randall slept very long), and her temperature was pretty high again when she woke up, so I went ahead and called the doctor (it was after 5:00 by then). He said not to worry about her fever as long as she was acting pretty normal. Given that she's had two 24-hour doses of antibiotics and the cultures aren't growing anything, the fact that she is continuing to have fevers probably means it's a virus. Her counts are high, so they're not worried. I think we're going to send her back to day care tomorrow, since she seems to be feeling pretty well.

Elisabeth had a great day at swim camp today. She told us she did a cannonball (while holding her nose). She also cleaned her room last night without any nagging from us--and did a great job. I think she's feeling a little sad and worried about Sophie (and probably also frustrated that she was sick for several days without receiving this much attention). Luckily, she's willing to share her feelings with us, and we're trying to make sure we have plenty of time to spend together as a family, so there are lots of opportunities for good conversation. I think we're headed back to our comfort zone.