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7/27/06 PM

10:44 PM Ugh. Well, we're in the midst of our traveling/sending off process and it has already been an ordeal. Coordinating getting Elisabeth from Fayetteville (day camp--cooking camp, that is), picking up Sophie at Countryside, visiting our cat, Achilles, who was unexpectedly hospitalized yesterday with "boy trouble," taking care of last minute packing, preparations, and (of course) last minute purchases, we're exhausted.

In spite of all of that, things were going pretty smoothly (more or less) until we got underway to the airport. Everything was packed, prepared, ready to go, and both girls were excited in the back seat of the Honda. We drove through a driving, unbelievable thunderstorm, but we would not be deterred.

We had planned on a quick side trip to REI for some last minute purchases for me (a flannel sleeping bag liner), and got a little lost. Not too bad, but enough in rush hour during a rain storm to add significantly to the stress. We "detoured" and had dinner at Boston Market, with plenty of time. We eventually found our way to the airport only to hear that Elisabeth's flight was delayed by at least two hours.

No worries, we called my mom and let her know that she needn't rush to the airport, and took that time to get the rest of us checked in to the hotel and find our way to REI for that all-important shopping. We got back to the hotel, arranged a shuttle back to the airport and got on our way. We arrived at the airport to find out that Elisabeth's flight (originally scheduled for 7:45 but allegedly delayed until 9:45 took off at 8:02pm--Elisabeth missed her flight! What a disaster! After a fair amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth (on all our parts), we got Elisabeth rescheduled for tomorrow morning and found our way back to the hotel. It's been a long day.

I leave early, early in the morning, and I think Susan and Sophie are going to leave after they see Elisabeth off. It's been a stressful adventure, but I hope that things go more smoothly tomorrow. Pray for us all.