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8:45 PM: Another good day here at my mom's. Sophie is having a fantastic time, and everyone who visits thinks she's very cute. Sophie and my mom and I went out to lunch together today while an aide stayed with Nannie. Mom gave Sophie $5 to spend at the dollar store, and she had such a great time picking out 5 toys for herself (and playing with them the rest of the day). Sophie had a dressing change tonight, and she did great. She wasn't the tiniest bit upset. There were several people here at the time, so she had an audience. I think she's kind of proud of some of the things we do. She also likes to show people how she can swallow pills.

Randall called close to noon today. He's had a very full couple of days and isn't sleeping well, so he sounded very tired. It's challenging to talk so infrequently and have to wait for him to call me. I'm always worried that I'm going to miss my one opportunity to talk to him (and we normally talk a LOT). I'm just glad he's getting to take this trip. He's experiencing some amazing and overwhelming things. I'm sure he'll talk about some of them here when he gets back.

I also heard from Elisabeth today. She told me she was so tired today she took a 3 hour nap (and it was her idea). It's very hot there, so she hasn't been able to spend as much time playing outside as she wants to. There's plenty of indoor activity to keep her busy and happy though. She sounded great, and it was incredibly sweet to hear Elisabeth and Sophie talking to each other. When Sophie got on the phone with Elisabeth, she said, "So, how are you doing?" Very grown up for a four-year old to say, I think!


So glad to hear that everyone made it to their destination despite things getting a little hectic first. Enjoy each moment with your family and know that we will continually think of you guys and pray for each of you. Love and prayers Deanna