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10:45 AM: Wow, I was amazed to see so many messages from our friends and family when I was finally able to log on to the computer today. Thank you so much for your support, prayers, and kind words. It really means a lot to us.

I'm actually sitting at my desk at work right now, waiting for Randall to arrive. His flight from South Africa to Washington DC was delayed by 2 hours, so he missed his connecting flight to North Carolina. He called moments ago to say that he's rebooked on a flight that arrives around 2:30. That will give us plenty of time to get back up to Virginia for the visitation, which is tonight at 7:00. The service will be at the funeral home (Moody Funeral Home in Stuart, Virginia) tomorrow morning at 11:00, with a graveside service to follow (Nannie will be buried next to her husband in the Woolwine Cemetary).

The girls seem to be doing well. Everyone in the family has commented about how well-behaved they are. I've been a little more irritable than normal (gee, I wonder why!), but I keep telling the girls how much I love them. Elisabeth wasn't sure about going to the funeral, but we've talked about it enough that she seems to be okay with it. Sophie is pretty matter-of-fact about the whole thing. She was talking with my great aunt Alberta yesterday and said "Nannie died. She died in her bed, and then she vanished." Which is true. The girls saw Nannie in her bed and then went next door while we sorted everything out. When they got back, Sophie looked in there and asked, "Where's Nannie?" I've tried to explain it all to them, but I'm sure some of the words I've used just don't make sense, and there aren't always simple words to use instead.

After the service, it sounds like everyone will go to Alberta's house for a meal, and then Randall, and the girls and I will head home. I'm really glad we're getting a chance to reconnect with my family. Quite a few of them keep up with us on the weblog and hadn't seen Sophie since she was 4 months old (if at all), so it's nice to reintroduce the girls to everyone.