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8:33 PM We're all home! It's been quite a day--quite a few days, actually. The visitation service was last night and Nannie's funeral was this morning. Because of the newly aggressive security screenings at airports, I was unable to make my connection in Washington, DC, but was able to get a later flight home. Susan picked me up and we had just enough time for a quick bite to eat, a shower, and we were off to the visitation last night. My journey started at around 10:00am Thursday morning in Cape Town (4:00am in the Eastern US), and my flight touched down at Raleigh-Durham at 2:30pm on Friday. It was good to be home, and especially good to be with Susan and the girls as we say goodbye to Nannie. The services were lovely, very nice to see so many people who thought well of Nannie. I know that Susan and the girls have both been through a lot, and even though I may be a walking zombie, I hope that my being here helps a little bit.

Our ride home today was a little challenging, but we can chalk that up to the past few days (and my wacked out sense of time). At the moment, I'm barely able to type and string together some thoughts, but I thought I should at least let everyone know that we made it home and are all beginning to get settled in, although that will undoubtedly take some time. At the least, we can look forward to our "normal" lives.

Thanks to all of you who have expressed support and condolences. It means so much to us to know that you all are out there and thinking of us. We know that our family is prayed for and prayed over by more people than we can ever imagine, and for that we are extremely grateful.


Randall, Welcome home - we're glad you are back safe. We're keeping you all in our prayers.
Jean and boys