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9:08 PM It seems as if we're slowly recovering from our recent adventures. Today is the first day that I felt close to normal as far as jet-lag goes. Sophie and Elisabeth spent the night last night with Bob and Patti (hi, guys!), which was a nice opportunity for Susan and I to recover our "date night" routine. I think we were both asleep by 9:30 last night! Today has been a day of settling back in, unpacking, doing laundry, taking care of errands, odds, and ends, and finally picking up our cat, Achilles, who has been in the cat hospital since before I left for Africa. The cats have all been out of sorts since we got back (lots of howling and otherwise needy behavior), and he just added his Siamese-voice to that chorus today. It was great having him back, but it certainly is a pain in the you-now-where to have him howling around the house all day!

We kept both girls home with us today (although we waited until late in the morning to pick them up at Bob and Patti's). They were quite a handful, and since the house is still littered with luggage and piles of clean and dirty clothes, it was a bit of a challenge having them dragging out toys in every room! Elisabeth had swim lessons this afternoon, which provided a break from all that, and they both had dance classes this evening. All of a sudden, we're falling into that routine once again.


Susan - I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I hope that you are finding ways to keep your memories alive.