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9:00 PM: It's been a while since we posted an update, so even though nothing exciting is going on, I thought I'd check in with you all. Randall had a training seminar he had to attend today, and I had a fun day with the girls. I donated blood this morning, which was very satisfying (plus it was here in the community, so I saw lots of friends). Patti (who was also there) said she had started to get worried when we hadn't posted an update in so long and then she drove past the hosue this morning and saw that both cars were gone--she thought maybe we had gone to the hospital with Sophie. Nope, we're doing just fine. The girls and I went to Fayetteville today and saw a movie (Over the Hedge). We also had fun after dinner playing together outside. Randall and I took care of some gardening, and we blew bubbles with a new giant bubble maker. A girl (Hannah) who was visiting next door came over to play with Elisabeth, and they both had a great time. (Elisabeth asked me to talk about that when I did a web update).

I have had a good week taking some time off from work. The highlight was Thursday, when I went to a spa in Fayetteville and got my hair cut, and then got a massage, facial, pedicure, and a manicure, and had makeup done (the makeup part was free). I was there from 1:00-8:00, and I felt very pampered. I can't remember the last time I did something like that--maybe our first anniversary. I'm going to take next week off from work too, and then maybe I'll be ready to go back. It's been very nice to have so much free time.

Sophie is scheduled to go to the clinic on Wednesday--just vincristine in her chest catheter (we don't have to do a spinal tap this month). We're hoping she reacts as well to the steroids this month as she did last month. Elisabeth starts school on Friday. She's been very excited about having new school supplies and a new notebook. We can't wait to see who her teacher will be and who will be in her class. After school is over, we'll head up to mom's for Nannie's memorial service at the church up the road from her house. I realized that I haven't used Nannie's real name here on Sophie's web site. Her name is Estelle Hatcher Barnes, and she was born in April 1920.


I'm so happy to hear that everyone is having fun, and that you were able to get in some pampering at the spa! That sounds so fabulous :) How wonderful that you are able to get some time off. You have been working pretty hard and nonstop for quite awhile, along with a lot of emotionally trying events, so it was definitely time for a break. Enjoy the coming week! Regards, Heidi