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8:48 PM A mostly calm day in Sophie's world today. We overslept this morning, so Elisabeth missed the bus--we didn't make it through one whole week before she missed the bus (oh well). Given the fact that Sophie is getting an antibiotic treatment in the middle of the night (2-3am, usually, which lasts an hour, so at 3-4am, she needs to get "unhooked"), I'm surprised we made it until Thursday before we missed the bus!

Home health came today for another blood culture. No word on the one from Tuesday, but the one from Sunday was still negative. That's good news. Sophie let Amy take her sock off (a cut-off sock we use to cover the dressing) and look closely at the site. It doesn't look like there's any fresh blood under there, so we're okay. We're not looking forward to cleaning the site at the next dressing change. In fact, Susan had the bright idea today of driving up to the clinic in order to show the site to the team up there and have them help with the dressing change. It can't hurt to have an extra pair of hands (and eyes) to help with all that.

With tropical storm Ernesto coming through here tomorrow, it may make for rough travels. Hopefully that won't be the case. Elisabeth's school is on two-hour delay tomorrow, but that feels over-cautious. I guess after Katrina, nobody wants to be caught looking unprepared.

Sophie was very, VERY reluctant to go to Countryside today. She threw a category 4 temper tantrum in the living room when it was time to go. Eventually, I got her calmed down enough to go, but it took a long time once we got there to get her settled. As I pointed out to Susan over lunch, while Elisabeth at this age had a pretty reliable, structured schedule, Sophie's schedule changes from day to day and week to week. It's no wonder she thinks that she has some input on these things! We're hoping that once we get through the antibiotics we'll manage to keep her bug-free for the next several months and will get back into a regular schedule and routine. That'll help all of us, I'm sure.


Hey, it's your cousin from Blacksburg. We were at Janet's 55th birthday party a few weeks ago and they told us Sophie had an infection. Life is so full of ups and downs anyway, I think yall manage so well. I know it's with alot of prayers, which is what keeps me on track. I have been out of the loop for 5 years and now that I have a computer at home I will keep in touch. We're all fine, tomorrow (9-5) Don's dad will be 88. God bless Sophie and her family and tell everyone hello. Lois Ann