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6:45 PM: It's been a busy but mostly uneventful week. No new health problems with Sophie, so that's good. Her dressing change was pretty traumatic on Friday, especially when the line started moving in and out of her arm when she was thrashing around (this was after I had gotten the dressing off). It seems impossible that we could do this for another nine months, but I know she eventually got used to the dressing change on her chest, so I know it would get better. But I'm very anxious to see how it goes trying to do a peripheral IV at the clinic on Tuesday. Sophie said today (sort of out of the blue--I don't know why) that she doesn't want to get blood taken out of her "other arm" this week. We'll see how it goes.

Elisabeth had a great birthday and received some really thoughtful, nice gifts. She's also thrilled to be old enough to get rid of the booster seat in the car. We've already given one of them to another family.

Randall and I had a wonderful time on our evening out this week. The room (it was actually a suite) at the Washington Duke Inn was very nice, and dinner out (and shopping) was a real pleasure. It was nice to take the time off and be together (and know that my mom was taking such good care of the girls).

Today after church, we went to the county fair and had a great time. I was amazed that Elisabeth rode several "adult" rides and really enjoyed herself. She even went on one that went upside-down (she only did that one once though!). I was nrealy in tears watching my little girl on such a big ride, similng from ear to ear. Sophie was much more cautious but also enjoyed herself. When Randall gets back from youth group at church, we'll go out to dinner for our "date night" while mom takes care of the girls. We'll be sorry to see her leave! (Not just for all the baby sitting, but also because we like her!).