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10:00 PM: Today we changed the name of this weblog from "Sophie's Health Updates" (fairly boring!) to "Sophie's World." We did this partly because, fortunately, things have become so stable, we tend to report on our daily life more than Sophie's health. But we also love that title because it reflects part of the reason Sophie has her name in the first place. Both of our girls are named after characters in books by Jostein Gaarder. Elisabeth's name (especially the spelling) was inspired by a character named Elisabet Hansen in The Christmas Mystery, and Sophie was named after a character named Sophie Amundsen in Sophie's World. These are both fascinating books (as are all of Jostein Gaarder's books). (I've added this information to the sidebar on the main index page too).

We're doing fine today. We miss Randall, and I was a bit stressed tonight trying to get both girls bathed after dance class (Elisabeth didn't get into bed until 9:30!) and then trying to take care of the little things we do before we go to bed. But we're ready for tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to talking with Randall tonight.