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1:23 PM It certainly has been a long time since our last post. As many of you have assumed, it's because our lives are going along pretty smoothly. Sophie is doing very well. She's down to only one Band-Aid now. The one on her arm where her PICC line was fell off at school the other day and she hasn't asked to replace it. Hopefully, the same will happen with the Band-Aid on her chest (where her central line was). I have decided not to make a big deal out of it, because when I do, she just manages to dig her heels in even further. I figure she'll find a way to be okay with it on her own terms and in her own time. Right now Sophie's got a nasty cough, but she is trucking along just fine.

Halloween was fun for both girls. We had a very successful Trunk-or-Treat at the church on Sunday (Sophie went as Clifford while Elisabeth went as Scooby-Doo). Then, on Halloween, we visited a handful of neighbors and church members who live close by (Elisabeth wore a ballerina-type outfit from her last recital and Sophie wore her Care Bear outfit from last year--it still fit!).

We are all very much looking forward to the Make-A-Wish trip. We haven't planned much (yet), but I imagine we will start doing so soon. It's nice that so many details are pre-arranged. On Saturday, November 11th, there will be a small-ish party for Sophie at church sponsored by the Make-A-Wish folks. That's when we'll get our packet of passes and information and some additional "surprises" as they call them.

Susan is in Los Angeles at the American Society of Criminology meetings until Saturday. So far, the girls and I have survived our time alone together. Elisabeth got her report card back yesterday and she has made Principal's List (all A's) once again. She's a smart cookie. Honestly, I'm beginning to wonder if she's not too bored in school!

Thanks for checking in, and thanks for keeping up with us!


So glad to hear that all is going well! Honestly, I was quite worried when you didn't update for so long. Given that the last post included a trip to the hospital, I thought that perhaps things had gone very wrong. So very relieved that all is well, and that in this case no news was good news :) Congratulations to Elizabeth on her good grades, and to Sophie for her reduction in "tails" and Band-aids.