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5:30 PM: Things are mostly uneventful here. Although Sophie's mood seems to be improving now that she's coming off of the steroids, her appeitite oddities seem to be increasing. She's had a pretty bad cough since this weekend, and she really doesn't seem to feel well. Just when we're convinced we should take her in to the clinic for an exam, she seems to improve. She hasn't coughed as much today, but she does seem tired (she has been napping for the last three hours). We've kept her home from day care so far this week, but I think we'll send her tomorrow (especially since Randall and I both have plans during the day!).

I think we may have mentioned that we were car shopping after the untimely demise of our 1996 minivan. After much deliberation, we finally decided on a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta station wagon (Sophie still calls it a minivan). The miles are low, it's reasonably fuel-efficient (better than the minivan at least), and it has some really nice features. It's exciting for us, but two car payments are no fun.

Randall has a meeting tonight, so the girls and I plan to go to Fayetteville for some shopping and dinner (if Sophie ever wakes up, that is). We still have some decorating to do around the house (the lights and ornaments aren't on the tree yet), and we still haven't done our Christmas cards (but the labels are printed!), but things feel mostly under control at a time when they're usually more hectic.