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9:45 PM: Sophie is feeling so much better (and had a great day at Countryside today), but now Elisabeth and Randall are getting sick. Elisabeth has it the worst, and we suspect it's the flu. Sophie got a flu shot, but the three of us never got around to getting one this year, and we may really come to regret that. Poor Elisabeth had a fever of 103.2 a little while ago, so we gave her some ibuprofin (acetominaphin hasn't seemed to do much for her today), and she's been sleeping since then. She's clearly really miserable and uncomfortable, and I hate to see her suffering. As much as we don't like having to take Sophie to the ER when she has a fever, there's a real comfort in having the power to do something about her fevers. To know that doctors have it under control and are running tests and will figure out what's causing the fever and make it go away. There's no one we can call this time of night for Elisabeth, and it makes me feel really powerless. At least tomorrow is Saturday, so I can be home to take care of her (and Randall if he is headed for the same thing the way he thinks he is). And we will be doing lots of hand washing around here. Although Sophie's counts are up, she's back on chemo, so they'll be coming down, and we really don't want her getting this and landing back in the hospital.