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3:32 PM Just a quick update to let everyone know that we're doing fine. Sorry if our lack of posting has lead to any worrying on your part--there's not been a whole lot to post, especially after our post-Disney "let-down" and the holidays. We've all been doing well. Sophie, Susan, and Elisabeth seemed to get over whatever upper respiratory thing they had going on, but here lately, there has been another round of sniffles and coughing. Hopefully it won't lead to much for anyone.

Sophie has been doing great. She went in for her monthly treatment yesterday (I took her) and that went about as can be expected anymore. She was not at all happy about being stuck (took two tries this time, poor thing), but once all was said and done, she was a happy camper. Our Carolina Pal, Adrienne, visited for a while before class, so that was nice. Turns out she's going to study abroad next semester in Barcelona, so we might not get to see her again, although she promised to write post cards, which Sophie will love, I'm sure. Sophie still complains of headaches and tummy aches every now and then, but the doctors don't seem too concerned by them. She got a spinal tap yesterday, so if there had been any sign of relapse there, they would have caught it.

We got to have a conversation about what the end of treatment would be like. Very exciting just to think about. Somebody said, "I wonder who's going to be more excited, Sophie, or her parents." No doubt about it, we'll be far, far more excited than she will be. I don't think she's had to mentally or emotionally deal with all that she's been through quite the way we have. Basically, the plan is that we'll finish up near the end of May. Sophie goes in for a final treatment sometime in late May, and we'll continue the course of home medicines until we reach the target date (May 31st, I think). On that day, we get to throw all her meds down the toilet, I guess, except for her Septra (an antibiotic that she's been on since Day One). She'll take Septra for three more months, and then that'll be it---but no more chemotherapy. Two weeks after the end of treatment, she'll get another spinal tap and a bone marrow check to make sure that there are no leukemia cells in either location, and she'll be cleared. After that, monthly blood draws for the first year, with consults with a Pediatric Oncologist. It sounds as if she'll be following up for the rest of her life, but we're thankful that she will have to keep all those annoying appointments.

Over Thanksgiving, we had a good visit with my mom. The girls always enjoy her visits, and we all got to go see the Nutcracker the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It was the first time for all of us to go. Susan and Elisabeth went last year and we won't talk about our failed efforts to go to the Nutcracker in previous years--those of you who know will appreciate how long it has taken for us all to see the show!

Speaking of shows, we got an unexpected call from Make-A-Wish over the weekend. They are inviting us to the Disney Princesses on Ice show in Raleigh. Sounds like the girls are going to get to meet the performers and even may be part of the show (not just our kids, but other children as well). I'll be sure to take our camera, and I promise to upload some photos (and photos from our Disney trip as well--it's on my to-do list). We'll report back either later tonight or sometime tomorrow!


Hi to the Partons
It's good to hear all of the excellent news. Have blessed Holidays.
Love Jean and boys