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7:45 AM: Happy New Year! It's been a few days since we posted an update, so I thought I'd pop in and let everyone know that we're doing fine. I took Elisabeth to Urgent Care on Saturday, and the doctor said she did not have the flu (test came back negative), but he heard some congestion in her chest, so he put her on antibiotics and suggested an expectorant. She continued to have very high fevers (she said it was 105.6 one time she took it, but we didn't see it for ourselves), but she's definitely feeling better now. Still lots of head congestion, but no fevers since Sunday. Sophie doing fine too. Randall and I are feeling mostly fine, but I think we're ready to get back to our normal routine. Having so much time together as a family was wonderful but exhausting! We visited with friends (local and visiting), and we took the girls to three movies (Charlotte's Web, Eragon, and Happy Feet). It's nice that Sophie's at an age where she can enjoy movies. Our last hurdle for the season is getting our Christmas cards assembled and mailed. We have our list, the labels are printed, we've drafted the letter, and we've had copies of a picture of us from Disney printed. Now we just need to sit down and finish the job!


Hi. I am glad Elisabeth was able to come to school today. She seemed a bit worried and thought she was supposed to have some medicine to take at school today, so I told her I would check. She is doing her work right now and seems to be getting along fine. Have a great day. I think many parents are rejoicing that school started back today--ha ha!!!