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7:53 PM The girls just got out of the bathtub and are (very slowly and very loudly) picking up and getting ready for bed. Sophie and Elisabeth both finished their course of antibiotics this week, and they seem to be doing well. Sophie will go to Chapel Hill on Wednesday for another blood draw to see how her counts are doing after the latest increase in her chemo dosages. We're assuming that all will be fine and she will be able to "bump up" to her regular dosage levels. Honestly, it's tough keeping up with all of it--half tablets one night, whole tablets the next night, etc. Thankfully, Susan is more organized and on top of these things than I am. She usually does a chart on Mondays that lays out the whole week. If there's any doubt about what we're supposed to be giving Sophie, between the two of us we can usually figure things out.

Cute Sophie story. The girls got Barbie in the Twelve Dancing Princesses for Christmas and the main character (played by Barbie, of course) is named "Genevieve," only Sophie cannot say her name for some reason and calls her "Genebeef" instead (although sometimes, she calls her Genebeaver"). She is an endless source of laughter in our family!