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Just a brief post to give everyone an update. Sophie and I will go up to Chapel Hill tomorrow (Wednesday) for yet another blood draw. The doctors will want to check her counts following the latest increase in her chemotherapy dosages. Unfortunately, Sophie has started coughing and has a bit of a runny nose, so clearly she is working on something. My primary concern is that yet another increase in dosage combined with an oncoming infection will cause her immune system to weaken even further. Depending on what her counts look like tomorrow, I'll at least suggest the possibility that we hold off on another increase in the dosage until her next treatment, which is in two weeks. I know that the drugs are very, very important to keeping the leukemia away, but I also know that we are trying to maintain a delicate balance here. That balance seems to get disrupted pretty easily whenever Sophie has an infection and increases in her doses. We'll see.

Other than that underlying concern, everything is going very well. Both girls are happy and healthy and have enjoyed spending lots of time together lately (no school, etc.). I took both of them to see "Happily Never After" yesterday--we've been quite the movie hounds lately haven't we? I would rate "Happily Never" at the bottom of our recent movie experiences, but it was fun getting out of the house with the two of them.

Just for kicks, here's a picture of Susan with the girls from our Make-a-Wish trip: