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8:30 AM: Well, I guess I can add "preacher" to my resume. Randall was too sick to go to church yesterday, so I preached his sermon! Someone else from the congregation led most of the service, and I did the scripture readings and the sermon. Amazingly, I wasn't the least bit nervous (I usually am with public speaking). It's easy to work with his words, and somehow I guess I was less nervous about reading his words than being judged by my own. I managed to make a fair amount of eye contact and not get lost, and people said it didn't seem like I was "reading" at all. I don't want to make it a regular event, but it's nice to know that I can do it when needed. Just don't ask me to write the thing!

Because I have a long day planned at work today, and Elisabeth is out of school, I arranged to have the girls spend last night and today with friends from church so Randall can recover. He's starting to feel better, but even as late as last night, he was still feeling very queasy. He seemed to have more energy this morning. No signs so far that I am going to get sick.


Susan, we knew that you were capable of handling anything sent your way.Hope everyone at your home is soon well. Madelyn had a stomach bug over the weekend too. It was short lived and we were glad. Hope you have a great week. Deanna

Susan, Randall and girls -- such talent that runs in your family! I'm afraid that same flu bug has spread nation-wide. Most of my extended family came down with it the day after Christmas, and then the rest a day or two later. I managed to bring it home from Washington to Colorado, so shared it a bit here! The same description goes here, some were down only a short time and others were down for a couple of quesy days. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all as you recover. Love Jean

Congratulations, Susan! I'm glad to hear that Randall is on the mend, and that the girls are doing well.