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1:02 PM I realized a day or two ago that we had passed the two year anniversary of Sophie's diagnosis without even mentioning it. In fact, I only realized it after the fact. As long as I live, I'll remember that January 21st was the day we rushed Sophie to Chapel Hill, uncertain about what the problem was, but absolutely certain that it was something awful. It's like a second birthday, almost. A day to remember.

Sophie is doing well. She seems to be okay with the increased chemo dosages, although she goes in for treatment next Friday and we'll get another blood draw then to find out exactly how she's handling the drugs. I can report that we are all (mostly) healthy, at least compared to last weekend. I ended up going to the doctor on Wednesday and was diagnosed with an ear infection (who knew grown-ups get ear infections?).

We're very proud to report that Elisabeth is doing very well in school. Her grades on this last report card were even higher than last time. We also got (finally) the second half of her 3rd grade pretest. The reading portion came back in the fall, which showed that she was in the 91st percentile of all kids taking the test in previous years. The math portion just came back and was even better. Elisabeth scored in the 97th percentile of all kids taking the test this year (this is the first year of testing in math for 3rd graders). I knew that her reading was strong, but I had no idea that her math was going to be that good. Given how few girls end up excelling in math and science, this is encouraging news for Elisabeth.

As if not wanting to be outdone, here's a little "artwork" from Sophie--notice how she put her name on the sheet:



I think it will be awhile before Sophie actually gets that Ph.D. :) That is really hilarious. Hey, good practice! Glad to hear that all is going well, and that everyone has recovered from their illnesses. By the way, our department is having a meeting in Kissimmee, and they were having a hard time finding an appropriate place to stay. I mentioned the place that I had mentioned to you (Runaway Bay), and we're actually going to stay there! I'll let you know how it is. We are going in February. Regards, Heidi

I had just came across ur site. Wow, Sophie is a fighter. I'm 14 years old, and I too have leukemia All. I'm on my 4th week of chemo. Your site has made me think that I wont give up on fighting, since i had leukemia since I was 2 years old.