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10:00 PM: Sophie has done pretty well. She was clearly pretty miserable yesterday and spent most of the day with a fever that Tylenol wasn't helping. We started her on Tamiflu yesterday. Between that and the flu shot she had a couple of months ago, she already seems much better. She didn't have any fevers today, and we will send her back to day care tomorrow. Her class valentine's party was today, so she missed it, unfortunately (last year she was in the hospital on valentine's day). She cried this morning about missing the party, but she was pleased that when Randall came home from dropping off her valentines and snack this morning, he came home with a bucket full of valentines and candy from her classmates. She had so much fun going through everything. Everyone else in our household seems to be healthy so far.

I also wanted to share some details from our trip to the ER. The thing I was most proud of was how well she did when they drew blood. It was as if they were simply taking her temperature--she was so calm. When the woman came in to begin, Sophie told her we would need to get a bandaid ready, and that she should do it slow so it wouldn't hurt. I had put numbing cream on her hands before we left home, and afterwards, she said it didn't hurt at all (and, I might add, the bandaid they brought was seemed to be more adhesive than normal, so I suggested to her that we skip the bandaid so it wouldn't hurt coming off--she agreed).

Now the flu swabs in the nose were a different story. I had to hold her down screaming, and then her nose started bleeding (and continued to bleed through the next day). We had arrived at Betsy Johnson around 9:30 PM, and the blood test results finally came back around 2:00 AM. I had the discharge papers in my hand, and I noticed that Sophie felt hot, so I asked to have her temperature taken. It was 103.2, so they ordered Tylenol and we had to wait until it came down. We checked every half hour until 4:30 before it finally came down. Then just as we were leaving the room, the doctor stopped back by to say that the flu test had come back positive for Influenza B. But we got to come home anyhow, thank goodness. Sophie had slept quite a lot while we were there, but I didn't sleep at all. It was good to be home.