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1:49 PM Well, clearly, there hasn't been much to report on in a while! Sophie is doing very well. We will go to Chapel Hill tomorrow for yet another "poke," this time to check Sophie's counts. At our last visit, Sophie's ANC (the number we watch to see how her immune system is holding up under chemo) was low--0.9. That was a bit surprising since she wasn't fighting off an infection or anything. Of course, now she's been coughing for a few days and has even thrown up/been nauseated once or twice in the past several days. Still no fever, and for the most part she's feeling fine, just a nagging cough and the occasional throwing up. I hope that it is nothing, or maybe just allergies or yet another upper respiratory thing. Adjusting the meds is always a pain (we deal with it), but I think we're getting "senioritis" with this whole treatment thing--we've got just a few months more and we're already over it.

Although our life is definitely returning to "normal," it's times like these (when Sophie's not feeling well) that we definitely feel like we're living on the edge. That, combined with an impending move this summer (no word yet on where we're going, we just know we're going to move) means there's a lot of uncertainty in our household. I for one am not handling that uncertainty very well. I have a strong preference for order and predictability (I'm half German, after all), but having a child with cancer shoots that out of the water, and being a Methodist minister shoots that out of the water too! Ah well, we all have uncertainty in our lives, don't we?


Hope all goes well tomorrow at the clinic for Sophie and she gets a good report.Sad to know you guys will be moving, but hope your family the very best with where you call home next. You will forever be in our hearts and in our memories. You guys are such an inspiration to lots of families. Love and prayers Deanna