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8:42 PM Surprise! Surprise! Although we had planned on taking Sophie to UNC tomorrow morning (late) for a blood draw, Susan turned right around after coming home from work today and took Sophie this evening. The reason? Sophie had spiked a fever of 103 degrees after I picked her up from day care. Sophie said one of her teachers had checked her temperature earlier, but it was fine. It's a little disconcerting that she had a fever when I picked her up (bad, bad parent), but I suppose there is some comfort to know that it had been fine earlier in the day.

I haven't yet heard from Susan, so I'm in limbo. I assume that they have gone to the Children's ER at Chapel Hill where Sophie will get a blood draw (counts and culture, to check for bacterial infection) and IV antibiotics. At some point (probably several hours into the night) we'll get some status report on how things are. We're really hoping that Sophie does not get admitted, but we will certainly deal with whatever happens. We always do.