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10:01 PM Here's the latest update--Sophie and Susan are coming home! Sophie's ANC was 2.2. Her chest x-ray definitely did not show signs of pneumonia and her pulse ox improved. She had IV antibiotics and we'll wait to see if the blood cultures grow anything in the next day or so.

Now, for the bad news. At UNC the Emergency Room parking area requires that you hand over your car keys when you check in (parking is a nightmare there). Susan found out that our car had been hit in the parking lot. The other driver got out of her vehicle, checked the damage to both cars and drove off. Fortunately, the valet and at least two eye witnesses noticed the license plate number and turned it in to campus police. Hopefully it'll be safe to drive home, but on top of all that we have to deal with, it certainly stinks to have to deal with insurance and getting the car repaired!

Mostly, I'm just glad that Sophie and Susan are going to be coming home tonight. I hope they stay safe!