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4:57 PM Thumbs up, thumbs down. Sophie uses the thumbs up sign to indicate how much she likes something, and, of course, thumbs down means she does not like it. Here's a shot of Sophie riding a bike (with training wheels) for the first time this past weekend.


Definitely a thumbs up--two thumbs up!

Here is a shot of our Honda after last night's hit-and-run.


Definitely a thumbs down.

Sophie is doing well today, although we kept her home just to keep an eye on her. We haven't heard from the doctors, so her culture must not be doing anything yet. Susan's mom arrived a little while ago and will help out for a couple of days.

As for our car situation, some quick-thinking witnesses got the license plate number of the other driver and UNC campus police was able to track the owner down. We have the same insurance company, but (not surprisingly), they are not claiming responsibility for what happened to our car. I don't think they know (yet) that we have witnesses and a police report to back up our claims. We'll see what happens, but I gotta tell you, stuff like this certainly does not make us feel hopeful for humanity. I mean, you can see the damage on the Honda, and this person got out of her car, checked the damage to her car and to ours, drove off, and now is denying any responsibility. Whatever. I'm pulling for our insurance company to do the right thing.


Hey! I was thinking about you and just started hunting around the net.

What a bummer about your car :( I hope getting that straightened out doesn't take too much of your energy.