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9:15 AM: Wondering where we've been lately? Disney World! We took advantage of spring break at Elisabeth's school to take a trip to Orlando. Randall's mom (Karin) met us there, and we spent the week together. We rented a very nice house (maybe too nice, given how little time we spent there!) and a car, and we really got our money's worth out of that trip. We arrived on Monday, spent Tuesday at Epcot (it rained), Wednesday at Animal Kingdom (it was blazing hot), Thursday at Universal's Islands of Adventure (with a slight detour to the emergency room at the Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital--more on that below), and Friday at Magic Kingdom before heading home on Saturday. When we were there back in November, it was off-season, and the parks closed quite early. This time, we took advantage of later closings and stayed in the parks much longer. On Friday, we actually left early for some resting time at the house, had dinner with a friend and her husband (Hi Heidi and Bill!), and went back to Magic Kingdom between 9 and 11.

Trip to the ER: Before we left, Sophie had a terrible cough, and we called UNC about whether we needed to do something about it (other than canceling our trip!). The doctor called in a prescription for a mega-dose of steroids (lucky us), because the cough was sounding croupy. On Thursday morning, Sophie woke up with a fever, and when we called UNC, they wanted us to take her in to an ER to be checked and start some antibiotics. I was really worried that the steroids would have suppressed her immune system and we would get admitted, but her counts were fine, and we were out of there before noon (the fastest ER visit ever--I would highly recommend that hospital). Randall came and picked us up, and we joined them to spend the rest of the day at Universal. Sophie was fine after that.

We're all back to school and work--the adjustment to reality hasn't been easy. For those of you wondering, Randall still hasn't heard about where in New Mexico (or Texas?) we'll be going. We're really eager to find out so we can start planning the move.


Partons - what a terrific idea. I'm glad you had fun and relaxation --
We have fingers crossed for an excellent location in the New Mexico Conference!
Love Jean and the boys

It was so wonderful to get the opportunity to see you and meet the rest of your family! We really enjoyed meeting up with you, and are so glad that you were able to get in a few extra hours on your last day at Disney. Hope all went well in your trip back. I'm sure it is tough to be back to reality. We're hoping you will hear soon about where you will be placed in the New Mexico Conference - I'm sure that the not knowing is driving you crazy. Good luck and best wishes - Heidi and Bill