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12:39 PM Just a quick update. Susan is doing much, much better. She no longer requires multiple, heavy doses of Advil just to breathe, but she is still taking them as a preventative measure. We're so thankful that this turned out to be nothing terribly serious, and we're even more thankful that she is slowly but surely getting better. She even went in to work today, so she must be feeling better! Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support. It was pretty scary last Thursday, and even though things worked out, a 10-hour emergency room visit is never a welcome experience.


You can't keep a good girl down!!! So glad you are doing better! Our bodies do have a way to let us know that we are nearly at the maximum overload point sometimes don't they. Hope all continues to improve and remember you are continually in our thoughts and prayers!! Deanna

Randall and Susan - I just caught up on several postings - so the emotions went up and down and up and down.
I'm so glad Sophie is so near the end of treatment and that her doctor is so keyed into taking care of her in the future. Congratulations on the assignment, where ever it may be, AND I'm so sorry and glad to hear about Susan. It sounds as if it is very painful to breath, but great news that it's no more serious than that! Gosh - it's time to sit back and catch a breath! Love Jean and the boys