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5:45 PM: What an amazing day. Sophie's last clinic visit was today and it went great. We never thought today would come, but we can officially say we're done (thought there's a little part of me that always wants to add "we hope"--we don't want to jinx ourselves). Elisabeth spent the night with a friend and the rest of us got up early (4:30), picked up our friend Frankie, and drove to Chapel Hill. They had a record number of sedations to do (19 kids), but Sophie was 4th in line, so it didn't take long. We met with the doctor, who gave us lots of paperwork (outlining her history) and contact information for the hospital in Texas where Sophie will do her follow-up (Covenant in Lubbock). Sophie sat in Frankie's lap to get her IV (one poke!), and she did great. She handled sedation very well, woke up fairly quickly, and immediately ate two packages of cheese grits, a container of pudding, and lots of saltine crackers (her new obsession). We hung out so we could hear the preliminary results (Dr. Gold said everything looks good so far), and then we said our goodbyes (accompanied by lots of hugs).

As amazing as today was, it is hard to say goodbye to the people who saved our daughter's life. It's also always hard to be at the clinic hearing other people's bad news (we spent a fair amount of time talking with a mom whose son relapsed last month after nearly 2 1/2 years of treatment--he was diagnosed just one month after Sophie) and seeing pictures of kids we know didn't make it. We are lucky to be coming out the other end of this with a healthy child and an intact family.

Goodbyes in general are hard. We had our last worship service at Wesley Chapel on Sunday, and there were lots of people there to say goodbye to (church members and friends from the community). Elisabeth is having an especially difficult time with goodbyes, and her tears were contagious. Sophie doesn't seem the least bit concerned about the move (doesn't really get it, I guess) and is just happily moving through these days, untouched by stress or anxiety. She was staying with our friend Allison on Sunday night, and Sophie snuggled up to say, "I love you." When Allison said she loved Sophie too, Sophie said, "Everyone loves me. It's because I'm so cute!" She lost her first tooth on Friday (pulled it herself) and goes around showing off her new smile to everyone she sees.

Every night this week, we are having dinner with various friends (which is so incredibly helpful since most of our kitchen stuff is packed up), and we have lots of offers to watch the girls so we can concentrate on packing and loading. It's been an amazing outpouring of support. We also met the new pastor (and his wife) who will be serving this church, and I really liked them. It's good to know that the church will be in good hands.

Meanwhile, we are surrounded by boxes at home, and more than once we've had to open up a box to find something we had already packed up (for example, we accidentally packed up the numbing cream we use for Sophie before we take her to clinic). Even though we are living out of boxes, there are still tons of odds and ends that still need to be packed up, and it seems like there's something more to pack everywhere we look. Not to mention getting rid of food in the refrigerator and the final cleaning that needs to happen. The truck arrives tomorrow, and we'll have it until Friday. We have lots of people coming at 6:00 tomorrow to help load, and we hope we can take care of most of it then. That will leave Thursday and Friday to take care of the leftovers and make sure that the items we have planned to take in the cars will actually fit.

We plan to leave Saturday afternoon (after Elisabeth's piano recital--not that she has been practicing!), and we'll take both cars (cats in one, kids in the other). Night 1: Asheville, NC. Night 2: Williamsburg, KY (visiting Randall's dad). Nights 3 & 4: Clarksville, TN (visiting Randall's mom). Night 5: Fort Smith AK. Night 6: Amarillo, TX (almost there!). We arrive at our new home (feeling mostly refreshed having driven only 80 miles) on Friday morning, June 15. Randall's first church service will be June 17, and the moving van is supposed to arrive on Monday, June 18.


Many thanks for all you have done to help with Elisabeth's education this year. You both have been great. Thanks SO MUCH for the pink boots. They will always remind me of Elisabeth and our fun times. Congratulations to Sophie on pulling her first tooth. Who knows----She may be a dentist one day. I have truly enjoyed getting to know your family. You all have a special place in my heart. My love and prayers will go with you as you relocate. Let's keep in touch with emails. I want to hear how everyone is doing. I love you all. God bless you. I will see you at the recital on Saturday.

Wow! I can't believe this is really happening! It seems as though things are going smoothly so far, and everything is coming together as far as packing. I feel bad for Randall having to do a sermon 2 days after arriving. Then again, maybe he can recycle some of his old sermons from the previous church - no one in Texas has heard them yet (except maybe Susan) ;-) It's all very exciting and emotional. So hard to say goodbye and sad to leave, but a new life awaits and there are so many new things to learn about. I'll be thinking of you and hoping that everything continues to go smoothly, and that you enjoy living in Texas. Best wishes to Elizabeth in her recital!

What an exciting time. Congratulations ~ God is Good. Sophie has completed a marathon and you two ran double time and double the miles to keep the family together. It brings tears to my eyes to think of all you've been through and all that life has to offer for your next step! Let us know when you're settled. God's blessings on your travels and on your family.
Love Jean and the boys

Hey there! It sounds like things are really busy at your house. I am so sorry we were unable to make it to the cookout. Caden had strep throat and we sure didn't need to spread the germs. I am so happy for Sophie and your family. You certainly have been through so much. I have always admired your strength. I will never forget you being there for me and my family during Haley's illness. Randall's visit to the hospital meant so much to me. I hope that we are able to keep in contact with e-mails and Haley has been wanting a penpal, so Elisabeth will be just perfect. I spent a lot of time with Elisabeth today on the ship. She was so loving today (full of hugs). She said she wasn't ready to move, but she didn't add any extra. I probaly will see you all on Friday at the awards banquet. If not, just know that you will be missed and I wish you all the very best. Take Care! Laura Wilson

I have heard all about Sophie's missing tooth from Sara Katherine. I think she is hoping one of hers will fall out. She will miss Sophie so much. I am happy for her to be finished with her treatment and know she will grow up to be such a wonderful person. Best of luck to your family in the future and especially with the move. I will look forward to the updates on how it went and how everyone is doing.

Still trying to let this sink in, that you are really moving. Thank God the treatments are behind Sophie. We hope all of you the very best as you continue to follow the leading of God. May your trip be safe and fun. Hope you have an easy transition to new church and community. Hope to hear from you soon!! Love and prayers always, Deanna

hi to all the family
i came across this site by accident and glad that i did, i live in the uk and do not know you but im glad sophie is ok now and that she will grow into a beautiful woman, may god be with you in your good times and bad