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7:15 AM CDT: We made it through Vacation Bible School! I would say we made it through without a scratch, but just as the kids were finishing the opening number for the parents presentation, someone accidentally stepped on Sophie's ankle and scratched her skin. She wailed and refused to participate in the rest of the presentation, but I did calm her down enough to get her to come back inside and watch. I taught a rowdy bunch of kids who finished kindergarten or first grade. We had 14 on the first two nights, 10 on the third, and 9 last night. Although they certainly tested me on Tuesday (that was the day we went to Lubbock, so it may have been just as much about my emotional states as theirs), I really came to love and appreciate those kids by the end of it. I'm going to miss them!

It was another opportunity to meet new people, since quite a few of the kids don't normally attend our church. Getting to know the parents last night was great. I also had a wonderful time getting to know the woman who taught the class with me--Kristen. She and her family live just two blocks away, and we thoroughly enjoyed each other. Although she doesn't go to the church, I suspect we'll be seeing more of each other.

Randall conducted his first funeral on Wednesday. It was at our church, but it was mostly coordinated by an Episcopal priest whose church was too small to hold the expected crowd. The man who died was a big name in our community--he started quite a few businesses and lots of people knew him (although we didn't). Seeing the order of worship for an Episcopal funeral was very interesting. At the funeral, and afterwards at the lunch, I met even more people from the community. I really hope I can keep all these names straight. The population of this town is only 1365, but I suspect I've been introduced to half of them since I've been here. Maybe not that many, but sometimes it feels like it!

Randall put the address for this web site in a recent church newsletter, and quite a few folks have mentioned that they are starting to visit and read through the history. It really makes me happy to think that people we love from our old church and our new church (not to mention family and friends from even further back) are all keeping up with us this way. What an amazing connection! As always, we appreciate your comments, prayers, and continued presence in our lives.


Susan et al-
It always feels so good to have Vacation Bible School finished! It's fun to plan, fun to teach and fun to connect with the kids, but there's nothing like the feeling on the last day when everyone is happy and the litle ones have learned new lessons from the Bible. Tell Sophie we're thinking healing thoughts for her sore ankle. I'm glad you're settling in so well. It sounds like a wonderful community. Hope to visit with you soon.
Love Jean and the boys.

I have to remind myself now and again that you are really a long ways away. So glad to hear all is going well for your family and hope you have a great bunch of new friends in your community. Miss ya, love and prayers from the Hollerin' Capital Deanna

Hi to you all. I continue to read your updates and am so happy the move went smoothly. I loved the part about the ride up with the cats. How sweet and I hope they are adjusting well. Tell Elisabeth and Sophie hello for me and I think about them often. Looking forward to their visit soon and swinging on mom's monkey swing. Love yall, Sheila