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7/22/07 PM

10:45 PM Central Time: Update on Sophie--she did mostly okay today. She and I stayed home from Sunday School, and she slept soundly. She woke up feeling pretty well, so I took her to church (I'm glad I didn't have to miss hearing Randall preach). About halfway through the service, she fell asleep in my lap and slept until well after church was over. We went out to lunch with three families from the church (pretty much our age). It took forever for the food to come (it was Chili's--what did we expect?), but we had such fun talking it wasn't so bad. We finished up around 2:00 and one couple took Sophie and Elisabeth home with them, so we had the afternoon to ourselves. I did a litle work, and then we sat and talked for a long time. Very nice! Then the couple who took Elisabeth and Sophie were hosting a fellowship dinner, and lots of people came. We just got home, and the kids are exhausted (they swam in the pool nearly the whole time). Sophie complained several times today that her throat hurts, and she says it stings when she goes to the bathroom. I think we might be taking her to the doctor tomorrow. Mostly, I hope all this activity helps her sleep through the night. We all need the sleep!


Hope Sophie can shake this off quickly. As always, know that we think of you guys often and pray that all is well for each of you. Love & prayers Deanna