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7:30 Central Time: In my last post, I mentioned that Sophie's been sick. She seems to be feeling better, but she's also had a pretty bad problem with hives and itching, pretty much ever since we moved here. It seems to be worse when she's been out in the sun or gets upset (heat-induced?). The antibiotic she's been taking since the beginning of treatment has a tendency to cause sun sensitivity, and we had been wondering if somehow she's becoming allergic to it. We gave it to her on Monday, and by the time she got home from day camp (where they had been playing outside a lot), she was nearly hysterical with itching. So I called the doctors in Chapel Hill to ask for advice (they said I could that anytime, even years from now), and then I called her new doctor in Lubbock. Her old doctor talked through several possibilities and thought the Septra could definitely be causing problems and thought we might want to think about stopping it. Her new doctor wasn't as convinced about that but thought she should see a dermatologist and set her up with an appointment this morning. We did skip the Septra yesterday and kept her home from camp (they were going swimming), and she was fine all day (and is fine now). But Randall is getting ready to take her to Lubbock (90 miles away) for the appointment. Now that she's not itching at all, it seems like a waste, but maybe they can give us some ideas. Sophie hopped right out of bed this morning and was in a fantastic mood. What a change from this weekend, when she was a total crab!


So glad to hear that Sophie is doing better! That is great news. I just wanted to share with you that when I left Florida for college (in St. Louis), I started developing hives when I visited home. I think that my skin got used to a weaker sun, and I spent much less time in the sun, so when I went home for visits and was exposed to the strong Florida sun I would have a reaction. Perhaps Sophie is reacting to the stronger sun in Texas? I'm sure that taking the Septra doesn't help. Could the sunscreen she is using cause a reaction? Good luck with sorting things out. By the way, Bill and I are going to be out in New Mexico at the beginning of September to celebrate our anniversary. We got a condo in Taos and will base ourselves there for the week (but we definitely plan on going down to Santa Fe :). I know that is pretty far from where you live, but given that it is a lot closer than Florida, thought I'd let you know! Hope you continue to have an enjoyable summer.

I do keep up with you guys and read the postings about once per week. I really miss you'all (does that sound southern enough?) I know Sophie is whiney sometime, but when she comes up with a "cute statement" that sounds really adult---you can't help but love her. (Even at 4 in the morning) I predict Elisabeth will become a care giver of some sort (Nurse sounds good) and she would be good at it. Tell both girls "Hi and We LOVE them". Remember that Septra is a Sulfa drug and this NEEDS TO BE ON HER ALLERGY LIST. We'd love to hear Randall on Sunday too. That's not a statement re: our present pastor, but a statement on our past pastor. You really got good and we (Bob and I) miss you. We would have gone out to lunch with you if we had known. :-) and :-D bye for now