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7:30 PM Central Time: So the latest drama in Sophie's World is that Randall took Sophie to the dermatologist yesterday for the itching I mentioned in our last post. They didn't do any testing or anything but agreed that it could be the Septra (but didn't suggest we stop giving it to her--we'll revisit that with her oncologist). She prescribed Zyrtec, and Randall picked some up last night. Of course, with being home for two days and no sun exposure (and having taken a one-day break from Septra), she hasn't been the least bit itchy. Randall took both girls to camp this morning, and we had plans to eat lunch with them (some special thing they were doing). Right about the time we were getting ready to leave, we got a call that Sophie was vomiting. We took separate cars so I could bring Sophie straight home while Randall joined Elisabeth for lunch. Sophie threw up again when we got into the car and fell asleep almost immediately. She kept napping when we got home and slept for 3 and a half hours (which was a big help, since I was trying to work). She seems to feel fine tonight and ate a pretty good dinner. We shall see! And just to share how great this new church is, we have had multiple people from the church every day asking how Sophie is doing. I think they really care about us!