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6:30 AM Central Time: Sophie is doing much better, and we had a really nice weekend. Although she's still itching sometimes, she hasn't had any problems with nausea or vomiting since Thursday afternoon. She went to camp on Friday (it was the last day, so it was good that she could be there). Unfortunately, the end of camp doesn't exactly coincide with the beginning of school, so we're trying to line up care during the day so that we can both work. Randall is going out of town Wednesday and Thursday for a clergy retreat, so I really hope I have something lined up before then!

On Saturday, the towns of Farwell, Texas (where we live) and Texico, New Mexico (just across the state line) had their big annual celebration: Border Town Days. It began with a big parade that started in Texico and ended in Farwell. We parked at the church and set up chairs in the lawn (under a big tree in the shade) at the convalescent home across the street. It was a great view. It lasted about 45 minutes, and it was really fun and interesting. Some of the floats threw out candy and Mardi Gras-type beads. Then at noon, everyone went over to the park to enjoy a BBQ plate dinner and music. The park has lots of trees, so it was easy to find shade. There was a bounce house and rock climbing wall for the kids, and lots of crafts to look at. The 4H kids also had homemade ice cream for sale. By 2:00 (Texas time), we were wiped out and ready for a nap.

Yesterday after church, the girls went home with a couple who had their two grandsons visiting and had a great time. We went out to lunch with a big crowd and enjoyed some time to ourselves. After the girls came home and we ate dinner, we had a grand adventure to a grocery store we don't usually go to in Muleshoe, Texas. Randall and Sophie had been there last week, but Elisabeth and I hadn't been there before. It was something different, and the girls seemed to enjoy the outing.


Hi Susan-
Only true foodies get excited about visiting a new grocery store. (Most folks don't enjoy them the same way we do - I just don't understand it ;')
I'm glad Sophie seems to be on the mend. You guys seem to handle it all with such grace and ease. I'm sure that's not how it feels. And I'll bet its not easy to reign in a little one who want to swim and play with friends.
I'm glad you're settling in and the church is supporting you.
The boys and I just went to Washington to witness my brother getting married! He's 46 and it's the first marriage. He's found a very special woman (& her 7 year old son). I hope they are really happy. It was terrific to take the kids home to see family.
Tell Randall and the girls Hi.