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5:37 PM (Texas time) We had a good check-up/visit with Sophie's doctors today. Sophie was disappointed this morning that she would not get to run in the sprinkler with Elisabeth (who was going over to a church-member's house while we went to Lubbock). In fact, I think Sophie is still a little miffed.

The latest news from Sophie is that she decided today that she really did not want to use the numbing cream on her hands prior to getting "poked." It was her idea, and Susan and I were quite surprised that she came up with it. We tried to convince her that the cream helps with the poke, but she would not be swayed. When we got in to see the nurse, she was very, very quick with the blood draw (I called her "quick draw") and while Sophie cried and was very upset, it went well with only one "poke." Sophie later told the nurse that she did not go slow the way Sophie prefers, to which the nurse replied (sweetly), "Well, next time, you'll have to remind me of that when I see you!" It was a much better visit than last time even, and although I can't speak for Susan, I felt a lot better about the doctor's rapport with Sophie. It probably helped that she had a cheerful, friendly student doctor trailing her.

Sophie's counts came back great, so her immune system is building back up. Her platelets were a little low, but nothing to worry about and nothing really unusual. She's not been bruising or anything, so we'll just note that and keep moving forward. Sophie will finish up her antibiotics in December, which just feels like an eternity away, but will be here before we even know it.

Things are otherwise going well around here. Both girls went to a Cheer Camp at the high school for a few days this week and both girls started their ballet classes this week. School starts in a couple of weeks, so our lives will suddenly have a predictable rhythm--I, for one, am looking really forward to that!