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10:29 (Texas time) Not a whole lot to report. Sophie's been doing well, although she complains of headaches now and again and is easy to have an upset stomach. It may just be a phase, though, who knows. I've been a "single parent" most of this week, as Susan has had a meeting back in North Carolina. I know it will disappoint some of our friends back there to know that she will not be able to visit on this trip--she is, however, going up to see her mom for a couple of days at the tail end of that trip. For the most part, the girls have behaved themselves. We went to the Curry County (Clovis, NM) Fair last night with friends from church and the girls got to see their first Demolition Derby. I'm not sure they were impressed ("just a bunch of people crashing cars" was how one of them described it). School starts in a week and a half, so summer is all but gone. As I mentioned earlier, I'm looking forward to a "routine," even if that routine is crazy. It seems as if with school looming on the horizon, all kinds of things are picking up at church, which will make things interesting!

I've finally managed to upload some of our many pictures from earlier this year and thought I'd post some of the highlights. For those who are interested, I believe you can click through the pictures linked here and see many, many more pictures at flickr. In any event, here you go:

This is Sophie walking the Survivor's Lap at the Parmer County Relay for Life event. It was an emotional time for Susan and me.

Here's a shot (from a distance) of Sophie with her great-grandfather (my Papa) when we visited on the way out to Texas. I love this image! So much so, here's a couple more:



Sophie's last trip to the UNC Children's Oncology Clinic (for sedation, spinal tap, and an injection of methotrexate in her spinal fluid). She's just waking up here from sedation and enjoying a double batch of cheese grits (of course).

Elisabeth and Sophie with Chuck (E. Cheese) at Sophie's birthday party in May.

Another Birthday Party shot.

Sophie with her very, very best friend, Tamar, at her birthday party. Sophie misses Tamar very much and talks about her often. I'll never forget when Tamar first started going to day care with Sophie how the two of them hit it off right away. Then, if Tamar got picked up early, Sophie would cry and cry and cry. Then again, if Sophie got picked up early, Tamar would cry and cry and cry.

Elisabeth, growing up too fast, at Sophie's birthday party.

Elisabeth, on our visit to Walt Disney World this spring.

Sophie, being the TOTAL NUT she is!

Sophie, with her ever-present blankie.

Sophie, showing off the prize she won at Border Town Days here in Farwell (that's the Parmer County Courthouse in the background).

Elisabeth, fearless as always, climbing the rock wall at Border Town Days.

Well, that should be enough pictures for you, I hope! If not, feel free to check out Flickr--there are plenty more (and yes, mom, you can order prints!).


What a great posting! Susan is packing and I decided to check in, as I do twice a day. We are enjoying the pictures. What great choices!

I love you -- Mary

Hi. Teachers have just started the school year today. It is a bit slow for me today, as I need to move furniture, organize the classroom, and do a million more things to get ready for open house. I hope all is well with you. Too hot for the pink boots right now, but maybe when the weather cools................... Talk to you soon.
Amy Fields

Randall - thanks so much for the pictures. It's so great to see the girls. They are growing and thriving so well. Say Hi to Susan when she gets back home!

Hi Randall, Susan, Elisabeth and Sophie! I've enjoyed reading your site very much and miss all of you. It looks as though you're settling in very well in Texas. I'm anxious to see a picture of your new hairstyles. All is well here.

Ruthie Jackson