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3:30 PM (Central time): The girls are back in school, and they are thrilled. I don't know who is happier about it--them or us! They had their first day yesterday, and we got up bright and early, took lots of pictures, and walked them to school. Although some kids in Sophie's class were a little uncertain (or even crying) about being left, Sophie did just fine. I think her time at Countryside really helped her transition to kindergarten. I can't believe Sophie is actually in school already!

This morning, the girls weren't nearly as excited about getting up. We wake them up at around 6:45, and I think they would prefer to sleep until about 9:00. It was raining this morning, so we drove to school. They have both been wanting to walk home (which we just haven't been sure about, even though it's between 2 and 3 blocks away). Randall went to pick them up this afternoon, and they convinced him to let them walk home together, so he drove on ahead of them. They were holding hands most of the way--what sweet girls!


I hope the girls have a super year. It rained on our first day of school, too. It has been so busy. It is after 5:00, and I still have lots of things to finish before going home and trying to get to church by 7:00 to lead the Youth Choir. I need some extra "Oil in my Lamp" to keep going. Have a great week. Give the girls a kiss and hug from me.

What a delightful picture == two beautiful little girls, holding hands, walking home from school! Made me think of your first day of school, Susan. I'm sure I could find pictures of you! Thanks for sharing! Hugs and kisses to all.

So glad that the first day of school went well! How nice that the school is so close to where you live. I had to smile at the vision of the two girls holding hands on their way home - so cute :) We are leaving early in the morning for New Mexico, so things are a bit crazy today with getting ready to be gone for a week (both at work and home). We are looking forward to the break after a chaotic summer. I know you're probably super busy right now, but if you think you might have some free time on Saturday to meet up for lunch tomorrow let me know. If not, we'll be thinking of you, and wishing you a happy weekend. Regards, Heidi