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1:42 PM (Texas time) Well, our girls have survived their first week back in school. Both girls seem to enjoy school a lot and have made new friends, like their teachers, and the lot. As promised, here are some more pictures of both girls (be sure to notice Elisabeth's haircut and her pierced ears).

Here's a picture of Sophie showing off her new backpack (and her terrific smile).

Elisabeth, showing off her stylish pink camo backpack.

Both girls, on the front porch, ready to go.

Susan and Elisabeth, walking ahead, on their way to school (you can see one of the huge grain elevators down the road).

Sophie, getting settled in her new classroom.

Everything is going well with all of us. Susan and I are both busy with work. Susan is going to DC this coming week for a spur-of-the-moment work opportunity, so I'll be a single parent for a brief time this week. Good thing the girls and I can get along okay for a couple days at a time (although none of us would consider it an ideal situation). Sophie goes for another check-up this coming Friday. We're anticipating a pretty routine visit, as always.

Thanks for keeping up with us!



Both girls look adorable! Tell Elisabeth that both her earrings and her hair are super!! And Sophie is looking so mature! I'm sure she looks older than Ali, but that's probably just the mom in me talking. :-)

Sounds like your move was a good one. Congrats to Randall on his new congregation!


Love the pictures, it is amazing to see how much the girls have grown up. Love the earrings and haircuts.Hope all is well for everyone. We miss seeing you guys around but hope you are very happy in your new, school, home and church. Madelyn sends Sophie a big HEY and she misses her. Love and prayers !!Deanna

If Susan is still in DC have her call/e-mail me....I would love to see her. I work in DC....Amy G

Love the haircuts and the smiles.

I have looked at these pictures several times and each time I get a warm and smiling feeling. The girls are bea-u-ti-ful. They are really too too grown up and their NEW LOOKS are perfect. The smiles are what I miss the most but I also miss the hugs. I'm glad all of you are getting into a routine. It helps to try to be simple. We're having a pig pickin' this Saturday. You should drop by. We'll miss ya all! Love and Hugs. frankie